Tieline Technologies

A Brief Evolution of Tieline Technology

------------ Genie Distro Front PanelIn 1981 Tieline Technology commenced operation as Television Communications Pty Ltd and the company imported and distributed a range of broadcast audio and video products into Australasian markets. During the next 14 years the company designed and manufactured a range of video switching and distribution products, which were installed into a large number of television stations, private video organizations and government departments.

In 1995 Television Communications became Audio Video Communications (AVC). The company expanded heavily into audio products including radio broadcast mixing consoles, signal measurement, conversion, and amplification products, which sold widely with great success.

In 1998 AVC identified a growing market for digital audio codecs required to deliver live, studio quality audio over narrow band networks such as analogue telephone lines, as well as ISDN links. In response to this demand the company developed a family of world-class digital audio codecs branded under the name Tieline.

The Tieline range of codecs won a number of highly recognised industry and technology awards and the company became better known to its customers for the brand Tieline than its name AVC. As a result, in 2002 AVC became Tieline Technology.

Since 1998 the company has pursued the development of a global distribution network spanning the Americas, Europe, UK, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Australasia. Today Tieline Technology has offices in Australia and North America with a regional distribution hub in the United Kingdom.

Tieline has carved out a strong reputation in international broadcast and industrial audio and video markets for world class products. Significant expansion of its global distribution network has fueled sales growth and funded continuing research and development.

Today, thousands of broadcasters use Tieline codecs every single day for live broadcasts. Tieline's global sales & marketing, research & development production & manufacturing and administration teams operate under a well defined strategic business plan, which will continue to deliver innovative solutions to professional broadcasters markets around the globe.

Tieline Research and Development

Tieline has carved out a strong reputation in international broadcast and surveillance markets for world class products. Tieline Research and Development team includes full time software and hardware engineers with access to state of the art development and testing tools.

The R&D team is renowned for its market-leading advances through Research and Development. It has acquired significant expertise in audio and video management systems and analog and digital telecommunications networks, which incorporate audio algorithm and DSP based hardware and software control systems.

Tieline's Research & Development team operates under a well defined strategic business plan, which continues to deliver innovative solutions to professional audio and video markets worldwide. Each new project is approached with fresh enthusiasm and with clear, tangible objectives - to ensure the company and its technology partners remain at the forefront of new technology developments.

The company understands that alliances with technology partners will create further opportunities to expand into new markets with synergistic technology requirements.

SMD Assembly

SMD Assembly is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tieline Pty Ltd. SMD Assembly (SMDA) provides precision Surface Mount Device assembly services to meet your requirements. Our specialised equipment and skilled staff provide a high level of service to meet all your expectations - whether you have low cost mass production requirements or expect delivery to military specifications.

SMD Assembly has invested significantly in the highest quality equipment to meet these requirements. Technical experience in this area is essential. Our staff are trained to get the best out of the equipment resulting in high yields. The benefit to you is in your investment of the parts on the PCB and in improved reliability of the finished product.

SMDA's automatic in-line stencil printer ensures solder paste is accurately placed. By having two of the latest ‘pick and place' machines we can handle the most complex tasks and ensure redundancy, so that your production deadlines are met or exceeded, without being compromised. The 14 stage forced convection reflow oven delivers outstanding results even on the most complex printed circuit boards.

Using SMDA components your staff will find soldering of components a breeze, whether you are working in a lead free environment or not. Through-hole assembly completes the PCB process prior to delivery.

Our professional and experienced staff will work with you to ensure yields meet your expectations through our expertise in:

  • Precision fine pitch placement of surface mount electronic components.

  • Small component placement to 0201 size.

  • Ball Grid Array BGA placement.

  • Fine pitch QFP placement.

  • Double side SMD component placement.

  • Dek camera alignment auto stencil paste printing.

  • Hi performance triple head component placement machines.

  • Multiple camera scanning of components for physical defects prior to placement.

  • Lead or Lead Free soldering processes using Heller leading edge technology reflow oven.

  • Through hole component placement.

Contact smda@tieline.com.au for more details about how SMD Assembly can meet your electronic component requirements.