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Reporting Live from the Cote d'Azur

By Jerome Bellini, President NIP Productions

MENTON, France — Although I am listed as the president of NIP Productions, I also manage Radio Top Side and I am the technical director for Radio Monaco. At Radio Top Side we were one of the pioneers in using Tieline Bridge-IT codecs for our web-radio station situated in the famous Côte d’Azur, in the southeast of France. 


  --- Jerome Bellini Radio Monaco
  Jerome Bellini with Report-IT and the Mic Adapter

The Bridge-IT IP audio codec was recommended to us by SAVE Diffusion, a local equipment dealer, to use in conjunction with Tieline’s Report-IT for mobile reporting. We took their advice and found the Bridge-IT codecs provided high quality two-way communications between the studio and an outside broadcast location, with low delay. We use the Tieline Report-IT Enterprise smartphone codec application to connect to Bridge-IT at the studio. The simplicity and intuitiveness of Report-IT for nontechnical users made the decision to purchase the application easy.

As an engineer, I find the ability to create new Report-IT user accounts on the go via Tieline’s TieServer Administration Application very powerful. This feature enables us to conduct high-quality interviews with celebrities from wherever I am, at a moment’s notice. We have been using this feature on a daily basis ever since we purchased the application. 

Radio Monaco is a news and music radio network. The reliability I experienced using Tieline codecs and Report-IT at Radio Top Side led me to introduce the technology at Radio Monaco. Under my guidance Radio Monaco has now deployed the Report-IT smartphone codec application for use over the mobile network every day for news and interviews. This enables our reporters to communicate quickly on location using a mobile phone with Report-IT.

The audio is high quality during their broadcasts and they can also insert prerecorded interviews and send them live to air. Our reporters love the fact that it is mobile and fits in your pocket or handbag. It’s easy to use and it is with you always. 

It also has other features such as a built-in digital audio recorder, basic editor and ability to FTP audio back to the studio. We also use the Tieline Mic-Adaptor microphone interface. This allows our reporters to connect a professional microphone to an iPhone 4S. At Radio Monaco we use Tieline Commander G3 hardware codecs for all of our live interviews (RNIS and IP Formats), and like Bridge-IT they are fully compatible with Report-IT. 

We are very happy with the Tieline products at Radio Monaco and recommended the codecs and Report-IT to another radio network called Radio Oxygen, who has since acquired Tieline products through SAVE Diffusion.  We are looking forward to using the new Merlin codec from Tieline in the coming months. This will enable us to expand our IP network during our radio shows. 

Without hesitation, if it is smartphone or hardware codecs you are looking for, it is worth trying Tieline codecs and Report-IT for high quality mobile reporting.