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Tieline Codecs Spread the Message During World Youth Day

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Peter Kiesl using a Tieline i-Mix G3at the 2008 World Youth Day Event

Hundreds of thousands of Catholic pilgrims from around the world travelled to the 2008 World Youth Day celebrations held in Australia recently. Radio Horeb in Germany joined them to broadcast throughout the celebrations.

"I have used Tieline codecs extensively in Germany so I was quite confident travelling to Australia and broadcasting with an i-Mix codec," said Peter Kiesl, an Electronic Engineer for Radio Horeb. "The ability of the codec to connect over both POTS and ISDN made it ideal for our purposes in Australia."

"Our broadcasts extended 550 km from the town of Leeton in the Riverina region, then on to Albury and all the way to Sydney," he said. "Our first broadcasts were from Leeton and we used three commentator microphones and I also fed the output of a music sub-mixer into the codec."

"We connected using a single 64kbps ISDN B channel using the Tieline Music algorithm," he said. "We sent very high quality mono audio and we used the return audio path for communications during the setup. The feedback from the studio in Germany was that the audio sounded great."

"We travelled from Leeton to Albury where we broadcasted using POTS," said Peter. "Our next stop was Sydney where we covered holy masses and other important religious events, including the appearances made by Pope Benedict XVI who visited Australia for the celebrations."

"Usually we sent about 2 hours of programming a day although we sent 12 hours of content on one particular day. Much of the audio we sent was live and some was prerecorded and fed out."

"We used Tieline Toolbox software to program one of the codec's softkeys to illuminate once a connection had been established," he said. "Two of the sofkeys were also programmed to light up when we were streaming over either POTS or ISDN."

"The fourth softkey was programmed to let our announcers know that they were live," he said. "When the studio mixer put the codec on-air it triggered a relay and the codec software was programmed to light up the softkey. The softkeys provided us with the knowledge that our connections were stable and it was great to know exactly when we were on air."

"Overall everything worked very smoothly from all the locations we broadcasted from and our trip to Australia was very uplifting spiritually," he said. "The Tieline codecs helped us to connect our European audience to this very important event and share the religious significance of World Youth Day."