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Tieline Rescues High Flying Canadians

 Alexandre B'rub (left) and Luc Super Cauchon with the Commander G3

 Alexandre "B" rub (left) and Luc "Super" Cauchon with the Commander G3In April 2008, the Montr'al Canadiens flew into Philadelphia to take on the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Conference Ice Hockey semi-finals.

Alexandre B"rub", an audio engineer for Corus Qu'bec in Montr'al, flew into Philly with popular stunt man Luc "Super" Cauchon, to broadcast live during the finals over Tieline wireless 3G to 96.9 FM CKOI in Canada.

All was going well until Alexandre discovered that his Canadian Rogers SIM card would not work in Philadelphia. "I called our dealer in Montr'al, Solutions Broadcast RF, who in turn contacted Kevin Webb from Tieline's US office to see if they could lend us a SIM card for the broadcasts," said Alexandre. "Kevin was really helpful and saved the day by organizing an AT&T SIM card and we were up and running in no time."

"The quality of Tieline's 3G solution is terrific " it's flexible, extremely quick to deploy and very easy to use," he said. "We used a Tieline 3G module to dial over AT&T's HSDPA network and connected to our rack unit Commander codec in the studio in Montr'al."

Alexandre's Commander G3 field codec utilized Tieline's unique QoS Performance Engine technology solution, which provides reliable managed audio over IP and 3GIP networks.

"The audio was perfect - we observed a very short delay of between 40 and 80 milliseconds over a connection bit rate of 64kbps during our live broadcasts," Alexandre said. "The codec link quality display was exceptionally stable and provided peace of mind that the 3GIP call was reliable."

"We did about four live crosses a day and we could connect from anywhere in Philadelphia that had a 3G service available," he said. "Luc is well known in Canada for his crazy antics and one of his gags involved putting a "Habs" jersey on the statue of Rocky Balboa. Fans of both the Flyers and Habs got involved and had a great time."

"I have used the Tieline Commander to connect over POTS, ISDN, IP, EV-DO and HSDPA 3G networks," he said. "It is extremely flexible and reliable over all of these transports."

Although the Corus team flew the flag for the Canadiens in Philly, the Flyers "fans had the last laugh by getting over the top of the Habs in the playoffs. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the cooperation between Tieline and the Corus team has done wonders for international relations between these two sports loving countries"