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All Tieline codecs are fully compatible over WiMAX digital wireless IP systems and can be used over either public Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) or portable point-to-point and multipoint WiMAX configurations.

WiMAX is short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and WiMAX IP links effectively create reliable, high speed, long range broadband IP connections at up to 70 megabits per second between two points or multiple points.

WiMAX operates using the IEEE 802.16 wireless standard, which defines the technical features of the protocol, and it has been developed primarily for medium to long-range outdoor transmission hops. WiMAX is more efficient than Wi-Fi connections and it has higher data rates and a greater range.

 ------ WiMAX Point to point

Tieline Portable WiMAX Solution

WiMAX is the ideal solution for:

  • Studio-to-transmitter links in remote locations where wired or wireless telecommunications infrastructure is unavailable.
  • Remote broadcasting where 3G networks are unavailable, or where large amounts of data bandwidth are required.
  • Audio distribution within regions where good line-of-sight can be achieved over large distances.

Portable WiMAX Wireless IP Links

Portable WiMAX systems deliver dedicated full-duplex, high-speed data connections between two points or between the studio and multiple remote locations, providing cost-effective bi-directional transmission paths for audio distribution, remote broadcasting or studio-to-transmitter links.

Portable systems generally consist of a base station and a receiver that can operate at distances of between 2km and 100km, depending on the line of sight available, the antenna arrangement used and whether repeaters are added.

Portable WiMAX links are ideal for roof-top or rural deployments because of their small size and low power requirements. They can operate in unlicensed RF bands and be used by broadcasters to deploy WiMAX solutions easily and cost effectively.

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WiMAX for Low Cost STLs

Portable outdoor WiMAX systems create fixed, point-to-point wireless Ethernet Bridges that let you create a seamless link from your studio LAN directly to your transmitter site.

These links deliver unlimited data free 24/7/365, so you can run either compressed or uncompressed audio STLs that are extremely economical.

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Metropolitan WiMAX Networks

Metropolitan 4G WiMAX networks have a range of up to 30 miles (50kms) and are becoming more prevalent in cities around the globe. Tieline codec users can take advantage of these 4G wireless broadband networks in the regions that they are available.

 ------ Wimax public network

Metropolitan Area Network WiMAX Solution

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The Future of WiMAX

More and more metropolitan WiMAX networks are becoming available and broadcasters will continue to take advantage of the additional bandwidth provided by WiMAX connections.

WiMAX will continue to become more prevalent as the benefits become more widely acknowledged within the broadcast industry.

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